3 Technique Points for Confident, Organic
Egyptian Dance Improvisation

Ranya Renée on recording from August 19, 2023

Classic and Baladi Egyptian-style dance improvisation:
Be the best you can be, and be ENOUGH.

Even if you know how you want to dance, to really savor the music, you might not always do it!

Adrenalin can get in the way during improvisation, especially at the beginning.

And the beginning is the most important part, to set the foundation for yourself and a strong impression for others.

This workshop focuses on three KEY points to get yourself *reliably* in your body and ready for grounded, juicy improvisation!

If you find yourself sometimes "stuck in your head" thinking about what you can or should be doing...

if you get a little out of breath at the idea of improvising...

or if you look at the video of your freestyle dance after, and you were going too fast, or all over the place...

or if you want to reconnect with your dance roots, and get some new cross-training tips along with it...

-- then this one is for you, baby!

With physical flow and connection with yourself, you'll feel more delicious, more confident, and more authentic in your movements.

Get access to this yummy little workshop on-demand, for lifetime access, below! About 1 1/2 hours of dance and pre-and-post-dance discussion and Q&A.

Are you signed up *early* (by Aug. 18) for my workshops in Oslo, London, Victoria, or Vancouver? If you are, reach out to your organizer and cc:  support@gingercity.com for a coupon code to join us for free.

After you register, you'll get an email with links to watch the recording and get updates on the program.


3 Technique Points for Confident, Organic Egyptian Dance$25

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Baladi from the Ground Up

Get grounded, juicy, strong and proud for Egyptian baladi & oriental technique - just $29 for lifetime access (regularly $39)
2 hours of easily searchable online video content, organized from the feet up to the head, to get in touch with your body from the inside out, using the juicy movement vocabulary of traditional Egyptian dance. Baladi style is distinctive for deep connection with the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles, feeling your connection with the earth and really owning your body... and classic Egyptian oriental dance is built on this foundation. This material is a strong grounding for any kind of Egyptian dance, including baladi, oriental/raqs sharqi, or folklore for the stage. 

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