Do you find Egyptian baladi music hard to predict? Or just want to know more about the subtleties that of the form?

If you are an Egyptian baladi nerd, you will learn a lot about the music on your devices, from this baladi-music focused workshop.

 Can you distinguish between street-wedding style baladi music vs. nightclub or studio recordings?

 Can you pick out the different rhythmic sections in taqasim baladi and in baladi songs, and recognize from the melody line when a rhythmic transition is coming?

 Can you tell from the music how the musicians are communicating with each other when playing? 

Through listening to a variety of recordings, I fill in the gaps in these workshop recordings, which were recorded during lockdown! 

Learn to hear the nuances at a deeper level, recognize melodic direction and rhythmic shifts, and feel more confident dancing baladi!

(Note: These recordings are for listen-and-learn primarily; they are not dance technique workshops. But you can of course get up and move around as you internalize the music and the background context that I provide for each piece of improvised baladi music!).

Ranya’s material is informative and inspirational. Her studies in yoga, Pilates and neuropsychology enhance her gift for teaching in an approachable way. Ranya’s depth of knowledge of Egyptian dance and baladi, in particular, is unparalleled. She brings to teaching her experience performing internationally, her research and work with key Egyptian artists such as Mona Said, Nelly Fouad and Nany and musicians such as Nabawy, who played in Samia Gamal’s band and for Fifi Abdou. I highly recommend working with Ranya. She has a lot to offer as a teacher and mentor; not only is Ranya incredibly knowledgeable, she is warm, open and great fun.

Kerry Stewart
Australia (Editor of Bellydance Oasis magazine)



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OPTIONAL: Add Baladi from the Ground Up online training

Get grounded, juicy, strong and standing proud, inspired by Egyptian baladi - just $29 lifetime online access (regularly $39)
2 hours of recorded video technique training, organized from the feet up to the head, to get in touch with your body from the inside-out, using the juicy movement vocabulary of traditional Egyptian dance. Baladi means "of the country" - the grounded homestyle dance of Egypt. Baladi style is distinctive for deep connection with the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles, feeling your connection with the earth and really owning your body.

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