In this program:

Apply different kinds of breathing for different types of bellydance movements and different speeds of rhythm, to better manage your own energy in the dance, connect with your music and with your physical technique

1.5 hours of recorded video dance breathwork training and practice drills with music 

1.5 hour recorded lecture, with short demo + Q&A 

PDF reference on the 5-part Breathwork for Performance method

PDF "Sharing the Air"

Discussion area to ask questions of Ranya

LIFETIME access to all program videos and materials

Are you breathing optimally for your bellydance?       
Many dancers don't breathe well.

Everyone says "Don't forget to breathe".... but it's easy to forget! Especially when you are focusing on your dance technique.

By any chance, are you suffering from the dreaded “resting bitch face”? 

Could your stage presence use a lift?

Do you want to connect better with your music? With an audience?

By applying simple breathing to your movements and steps in your practice and in performance, you can gain more confidence, power, and flow in your dancing, and connect better in the moment with your music, space, and audience, in improvisation or choreography.

Since 1996, I've coached hundreds of dancers in my 5-part Breathwork for Performance method, including prominent teachers. The dance exercises in this program (and the related lecture and Q&A) will give you a practical jumpstart into the benefits of breathing well for bellydance.

When you experience the benefits in your own dance and performances, you’ll never go back to unconscious breathing again. This program gets you right into it, through your dance movements and steps. Enjoy!  


Ranya’s material is informative and inspirational. Her studies in yoga, Pilates and neuropsychology enhance her gift for teaching in an approachable way...I highly recommend working with Ranya. She has a lot to offer as a teacher and mentor; not only is Ranya incredibly knowledgeable, she is warm, open and great fun.

Kerry Stewart
Australia (Editor of Bellydance Oasis magazine)

Ranya has really taken a lot of time in her personal education to learn about the mechanics in terms of how we move and how we breathe, and what's going even psychologically. She also has a really good appreciation for different body types and different abilities in the dance, and different sensibilities, and it makes a world of difference in her teaching and people's ability to learn and take in things. 

Oakland, CA, USA

Ranya's breathing technique and the imagery training are amazing. I've tried to implement these ideas in my different dance pieces and I do find they work very well. 

Penny Ting
Kaohsiung, Taiwan

 Learning how to dance from my core, how to focus my attention and use of breathwork through Ranya’s methods has really transformed my dance. I cannot recommend Ranya enough. If you truly want to invest in your dance and take it to another level, invest in Ranya, you won’t regret it!

Roslyn Hart 
New Zealand


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Ranya’s online video training on breathing well with different sections of an Egyptian taqasim baladi awadi (baladi progression) will be yours for lifetime access on the Ginger City members’ website, with discussion forum to ask questions whenever you wish. This compact and practical 42-minute program is useful not only for baladi but for all your main Egyptian dance breathing needs! With breakdowns of how to breathe for each of the most common rhythms, and dance-through demonstrations where you can hear the application of the breathing as you follow along.
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