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BYB *7* has a maximum of 12 participants

NOTE: You must sign up for SPS (Stage Presence Series) before signing up for BYB, or at the same time, since all BYB members will be part of SPS, and the payments are on separate carts. Sign up for SPS here, and if you already had BFP and/or RYSP, be sure use the coupon codes sent to you, or request them from us at

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  • to set email notifications for the forum BYB7 Club, to reply promptly (within 12-24 hours) to scheduling requests from me (Ranya) or from your podmates, so everyone can set their calendars for meetings, and to inform me or the group if you will be away from email or the forum for longer than 24 hours, particularly during the schedule-setting period early in the series (we may also pilot a new calendar app to help set meetings)
  • to submit your videos on time in the BYB Videopeel video submission app - and "on time" means a day early, in case there is an issue (you also agree to submit videos even if you are not 100 percent happy with them! it's ok!)
  • to submit your dance videos AND your 2 short spoken comment videos about your work (pre-video intention & post-video reflection), to facilitate my timely feedback. There will be three videos for each submission round, and you must have submitted ALL THREE before I will review your dance for feedback.
  • to provide regular positive and specific feedback in the BYB7 Club, in a timely manner, to your podmates (and at least once to others in BYB either in the SPS exercises in that club, or in the BYB club)
  • to attend the live meetings of your pod, and if you have to miss a meeting in case of emergency, to catch up after by watching and commenting on the meeting recording (You are welcome to attend other pod meetings in addition to your own pod if you wish)
  • to keep confidential all discussion from the BYB group and meetings, and to keep private all videos of fellow series members
  • to notify me (Ranya) in the session or privately, if you feel uncomfortable with any aspect of the coaching or the series, in a timely manner, so I can help provide a better experience for you
  • most importantly, to hold yourself in a place of honor and agency, and to believe in your capacity to transform yourself (and I will hold that space for you as well, because I know you can do it!
  • The series is powerful, and you'll make amazing progress in a short time! 

    Note: We reserve the right to remove a member from the series, if needed, to preserve the safe and supportive container and the group commitment aspect; no refunds will be given, but if someone is removed from the series, the remaining credit can go towards other coaching or courses, at our discretion.

Recommended add-on: "Work the Stage" for $47 (regularly $67)

If you didn't catch this on the SPS cart, you can add WTS now for LIFETIME ACCESS in the Ginger City membership site.
The WTS program will help you deepen your work in Bring Your Best as you set your piece, and make decisions regarding staging for the online show AND for in-person performances. Get it today on-demand, at a $20 discount. Learn powerful techniques for working with your space and your audience, no matter what kind of stage you are performing on. Integrate dance technique (your muscles + Breathwork for Performance), floor patterns and choreography, with your use of the stage and audience connection (including tips for working with a live band)....for settings ranging from theater stage (raised or not raised), or restaurant/club, or even less formal settings.

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