All-Inclusive EME Bundle:

Approximately 15 Hours of video discussion & instruction

Egyptian Music Essentials: Raqset Kahramana

Egyptian Music Essentials: Raqset el Jamal

Egyptian Music Essentials: Leilat Hob

Egyptian Music Essentials: Bint al-Sultan

Egyptian Music Essentials: Nebtedi (minein el hikaya)

LIFETIME access to course videos

Discussion forum to ask questions of Ranya

Get all FIVE!!

This special package gives you access to the five programs of Egyptian Music Essentials; Bint Al-Sultan, Leilat Hob, Nebtedi, Haqset El Jamal, and Raqset Kahramana.

You'll enjoy lifetime access to program videos and materials, for a wonderfully creative immersion into classic Egyptian dance, with cultural and musical background, video commentary on famous dancers and their artistic contexts, detailed technique and rhythms breakdowns, and dance drills with music. 


“A treasure trove of Egyptian dance that is second to none” 

 – Alexandra Rederer, Germany

“Ranya is great, and the Egyptian Music Essentials courses are great for someone who loves classic pieces!” 

 – Tammy Williams

“I love to watch dance videos with your comments. I learned a lot! I really appreciate your historical and cultural comments as well as when you explain Arabic words and lyrics.” 

 – Tatiana Sundstrom

“Ranya is a fabulous teacher with a nearly encyclopedic knowledge of the Dance. She is able to help you unearth elements of your own personality and style through a supportive, instructive and compassionate teaching style. If you are looking to develop your understanding of the dance, the music, the culture, regardless of your experience and skill level, Ranya will gently guide you through the process of becoming the best dancer you can be.” 

Chani, California

“I'm thankful for this opportunity to continue studying with Ranya! The website is a great resource for dancers who care about not only about technique, but also about history, protocols, and dancing with cultural respect.” 

– Holly Pattison, British Columbia, Canada

“Ranya Renee is very dedicated to helping you achieve understanding of the culture, music and dance. Also she has a keen eye to help you become the best dance version of you.”

 – Jahara (Jennifer LeBlond), Oklahoma, USA

“I love Ranya's knowledge about Baladi and all Egyptian dances and her ability to share her knowledge.”

 – Pauline Caux, Québec, Canada

“I love how thorough Ranya is in her explanations. The courses are wonderfully informative.”

– Tracy Webb

“Thank you for providing information that is difficult to find elsewhere.”

– Suzy Martin

“I love the depth you go into with the movements of baladi and the Golden Era dancers and period.” 

– Kerry Stewart, Australia


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Baladi from the Ground Up

Get grounded, juicy, strong and proud for Egyptian baladi & oriental technique - just $29 for lifetime access (regularly $39)
2 hours of easily searchable online video content, organized from the feet up to the head, to get in touch with your body from the inside out, using the juicy movement vocabulary of traditional Egyptian dance. Baladi style is distinctive for deep connection with the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles, feeling your connection with the earth and really owning your body... and the classic Egyptian oriental style dance is built on this baladi foundation. This material is a strong grounding for any kind of Egyptian dance, including baladi, oriental/raqs sharqi, or folklore for the stage. Baladi from the Ground Up makes all the technique training in these EME programs (especially for posture, alignment, and muscle use) clearer and easier to follow. 

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