Hip Alignment, Structure, and Mobility
with Nabila Nazem & Ranya

Special guest Nabila Nazem, New-York based dancer and dance instructor, visits the Ginger City to geek out with Ranya about hips! Nabila is a hip afficionado for sure, having gone through a bilateral hip replacement, doing plenty of research in advance of that, and back to dancing full steam ahead! In this program, we go deep into hip anatomy, how the bones fit together, individual differences between people, how it affects alignment and range of motion in the dance. Includes a look at Ranya's and Nabila's hip x-rays! Ranya also interviews Nabila about her interesting upbringing as the daughter of a famous bodyworker, Lauren Berry Sr., the founder of the Berry Method.


A lifelong dancer, Nabila moved from California to NYC to pursue a vocation in dance and has been performing with her signature dynamic flair in the New York area for nearly 25 years. She holds a BFA in dance from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts and has extensive studies in several dance forms. With a foot firmly in both Western and Middle Eastern movement traditions Nabila has taught both Ballet and Belly Dance and has been a guest workshop instructor at the American College Dance Festival at Hofstra University. Her Middle Eastern dance education began with the late Serena Wilson and continued under the guidance of Azza Amon, Ranya Renee, Anahid Sofian, Dalia Carella, and Elena Lentini among others. When not performing, she teaches, enjoys ongoing study in classes and workshops, and is an avid Bikram yoga practitioner.

Comments from Ginger City Program Members

“Thank you for sharing all of your expertise. The content is very useful and unique. A game changer!” 

– Heidi Martin, France

“I am more than excited to be Ranya’s student again, in person or online. She is simply one of the best!”

 – Jennifer Peng, New York, USA

” Thank you! Navigating around to sections among the wide variety of course types is great, an amazing resource.” 

– Tiffany R.A. Straza

“Thanks for the excellent instruction!” 

– Azura (Barbara Tomporowski)

“Love you and so happy to be joining you for LIFE!” 

– Tamara Dewar, British Columbia, Canada



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In this program:

78 minutes of video discussion & instruction 

Ranya interviews Nabila on her upbringing as a bodyworker’s daughter... and her present as a successful double-hip replacement recipient

Nabila & Ranya look at the structure and function of the hip joint and compare x-rays 

Technique breakdowns showing differences in hip and leg anatomy across different bodies, including shimmy differences

*Lifetime* access to course videos

Discussion forum to ask questions of Ranya 

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  • 1xBody Love: Hip Alignment, Structure, and Mobility with Nabila Nazem & Ranya$25

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