Your students WANT you to lead them.

You can bring the right people in, and enjoy your teaching even more!

Get access to this 1.5 hour workshop recording (for teachers of movement, fitness, dance and other arts),
and you'll learn tools to immediately INSPIRE your following.

- SHOW UP STRONG when you promote your programs on video or in livestreams

- CONVEY CONFIDENCE (even when you may have self-doubt or impostor syndrome)

AVOID SELF-SABOTAGE, by understanding what you need to balance yourself on camera, from your emotions to your facial expressions to your camera angle.

- MOVE PAST YOUR INNER OBSTACLES so you can offer  programs that attract dedicated, committed students. 

- DELIVER A CONVINCING SALES PITCH. Volunteers will have the opportunity to get coaching feedback from me in this session. 

These things make the difference between you having a crew around you, and just wishing you did! 

PS: Something unexpected came up during the live workshop...You'll benefit from seeing how I handled it, on the unedited recording. Then you can apply these techniques to your own livestreams or online workshops when the unexpected happens! You can make almost anything work for you, if you embrace the unexpected and make it a win for yourself. 

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ADD TO CART:  Moving It Online

Teaching online? Get started or ramp it up, fast and right - for teachers of dance, yoga, fitness, and other movement-based arts.

US $67 special rate ($30 off the $97 rate)

MOVING IT ONLINE is an on-demand course to get you up and running for online teaching. It's aimed at dance, yoga, and fitness teachers, built from my experience in online teaching, recording, and marketing since 2016. 
A GREAT way to prepare for this workshop.

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