Neck safety is really important for dancers - especially with all of the hair flips and head circles we want to do in bellydance. 

In this program, you'll learn ways of working with the neck in dance, as well as exercises that can help strengthen your neck. 

If you have neck issues, proceed gently - if you are experiencing pain, don't do the exercises, consult with a doctor about it. Neck pain can have many causes and you want to be sure you are playing it safe! My approach to neck work is very gentle, but each person has a different definition of "gentle"...and the neck can be especially listen to your own body as you explore.

Comments from Ginger City Program Members

“Thank you for sharing all of your expertise. The content is very useful and unique. A game changer!”

 – Heidi Martin, France

“I am more than excited to be Ranya’s student again, in person or online. She is simply one of the best!”

 – Jennifer Peng, New York, USA

“Thanks for the excellent instruction!”

– Azura (Barbara Tomporowski)

“Love you and so happy to be joining you for LIFE!” 

– Tamara Dewar, British Columbia, Canada

“I love how thorough Ranya is in her explanations. The courses are wonderfully informative.” 

– Tracy Webb

“Ginger City courses provide solid foundational information and technique. There is something here for everyone!” – Alison Gingras

“Thank you for providing information that is difficult to find elsewhere.”

  – Suzy Martin



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OPTIONAL: Add Baladi from the Ground Up online training

Get grounded, juicy, strong and standing proud, inspired by Egyptian baladi - just $29 lifetime online access (regularly $39)
2 hours of easily searchable video content, organized from the feet up to the head, to get in touch with your body from the inside-out, using the juicy movement vocabulary of traditional Egyptian dance. Baladi means "of the country" - the grounded homestyle dance of Egypt. Baladi style is distinctive for deep connection with the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles, feeling your connection with the earth and really owning your body.

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In this program:

70 minutes of video discussion & instruction 

Introduction and Stretches

Strengthening Exercises and Neck-centric Moves

Dancing to a full piece; the neck and emotions

*Lifetime* access to course videos

Discussion forum to ask questions of Ranya 

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  • 1xBody Love: Neck Safety & Expression$25

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