Pelvic Anatomy
with Alyce Adams, RN & Ranya

In bellydance we use the pelvic floor muscles to support our movements. You may have heard me use the phrase "the muscles you use if you have to pee and you're holding it." But if you're experiencing bladder incontinence or pelvic organ prolapse you want to learn to use the pelvic floor in a different way. You may have heard of Kegel exercises, but there's a lot of misinformation out there. 

Enter Alyce Adams RN, aka, the Kegel Queen, and my good friend from all the way back in middle school! 

After Alyce become a mother, she suffered with saggy prolapse symptoms, leaking pee, and disappointing sex. Then, through a year of medical and scientific research, she uncovered the Kegel secrets that completely solved those problems. She's helped women in 21 countries around the world to avoid surgery and maintain or regain their pelvic floor and sexual health. 

Join Alyce and me as we dive deep into the anatomy, do some therapeutic exercises and some dancing too! (Alyce's work is focused on women, but the dance applications of the pelvic floor apply to all genders). 

While Alyce is a nurse, this presentation is not medical advice.

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Background and Overview

Anatomy Tour

Anatomy in Depth

Kegels the Right Way

Kegel Benefits and Guided Exercise

Dancing with the Pelvic Floor

Comparing Theraputic Kegels and Bellydance Pelvic Floor Work

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