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Tailored, actionable feedback and coaching in a supportive, private group setting

A coaching experience that will change your dance and your outlook on your own performance, forever. Gain insight into why you do what you do, what works, what doesn't work, and get helpful suggestions on your path towards connection and satisfaction. You'll be surprised at how fast you can achieve results that you can feel AND that are visible to others.

The group experience is amazing, because you get to witness others' progress and feel their support, but you have the option to use this package for solo feedback instead, if you prefer, at a convenient time for us both.  Kick off the new year as you build a deeper sense of confidence and purpose...I guarantee you will.

You'll get tailored-to-you recorded feedback on before-and-after videos, plus a 30-minute live coaching slot that is all yours, and the chance to learn from my feedback to all the other VIP members too, in our group meetings (which will also be recorded). Meetings will be arranged based on your availability in common with other PWP VIP members.



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