Here at the Ginger City, we love to shimmy!  

This Shimmy Clinic program includes highlight exercises I've taught around the world.

Focusing on shimmies using legs and hips (including the "old-school" lower-back shimmy as well as the more modern leg/knee generated shimmies), I go over shimmy mechanics with warmup, stretching, technique... and also how to practice in a "weird" way that pays off in being able to work your shimmy in different positions for standing and traveling. 

Be safe, by supporting with quad and hamstring muscles, and have FUN!    

And do SHAKE IT.... but

don't BREAK IT!

In this program:

87 minutes of video discussion & instruction   

Legs Shimmy Vs. Lower Back Shimmy

Freeing Your Leg Shimmy In Different Positions

*Lifetime* access to course videos

Discussion forum to ask questions of Ranya and to share and connect with other participants

Comments from Ginger City Program Members

“Ranya is a fabulous teacher with a nearly encyclopedic knowledge of the Dance. She is able to help you unearth elements of your own personality and style through a supportive, instructive and compassionate teaching style. If you are looking to develop your understanding of the dance, the music, the culture, regardless of your experience and skill level, Ranya will gently guide you

through the process of becoming the best dancer you can be.” 

 – Chani, California

With her fun inspiring personality, Ranya has a gift for breaking down even the seemingly simple moves to bring your awareness to muscles that you may not have considered using. The results are more luscious, and controlled movements, like Ranya's. If you teach, this programming is a plus. It will get you in touch with how to break down moves and add muscle activation explanations.

Pine, Arizona, USA

“I'm thankful for this opportunity to continue studying with Ranya! The website is a great resource for dancers who care about not only about technique, but also about history, protocols, and dancing with cultural respect.” 

Holly Pattison, British Columbia, Canada

I have worked with Ranya live at a festival, via her DVDs, through her first Baladi Salon series and through the Ginger City Community membership. I have learnt a great deal from her analysis and movement breakdown. Ranya’s material is informative and inspirational. Her studies in yoga, Pilates and neuropsychology enhance her gift for teaching in an approachable way.

Ranya’s depth of knowledge of Egyptian dance and baladi, in particular, is unparalleled. She brings to teaching her experience performing internationally, her research and work with key Egyptian artists such as Mona Said, Nelly Fouad and Nany and musicians such as Nabawy, who played in Samia Gamal’s band and for Fifi Abdu. I highly recommend working with Ranya. She has a lot to offer as a teacher and mentor; not only is Ranya incredibly knowledgeable, she is warm, open and great fun.

The introductory series of videos, Baladi from the Ground Up, focuses on alignment and baladi technique. Then, through in-depth analysis of performance videos and the techniques of Tahia Carioka, Sohair Zaki, Fifi Abdu and Mona Said, Ranya examines in the Baladi Salon Series how Egyptian women dance at family parties and at home vs. how the dance stars performed baladi style. Ranya’s knowledge of anatomy, safe dance practise and breath-work underpin her detailed descriptions of the movements. The quality of the material and the technical analysis are outstanding and would be applicable beyond baladi style alone. As Mona says, “Everything is in baladi”.

The course was great value and enriched my understanding and practice of Egyptian dance and Baladi in particular. I will go back to this material again and again.

Kerry Stewart (Australia)
Editor, Bellydance Oasis magazine

"Ranya is an incredible performer and consummate intellectual. It is the combination of these, along with her empathetic nature and talent for educating others that makes her online programs unique and beneficial to individuals studying dance at all levels.  Within the membership, there are a wealth of programs to choose from, sure to suit any dancer's needs.  And the impact of these programs goes far beyond dance technique! I plan on studying with Ranya online and in-person for years to come." 

 – Farah Rose Smith, New York City



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